July 21, 2023

Be Part of the Next Big Idea


Personalized Medicine

A discovery by a team at the Shmunis School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research has found a way to use personalized medicine for the first time in the treatment of infectious diseases. Its method uses experiments and computational tools to classify two central components of the immune response that operate as a result of severe infectious disease. The discovery will enable doctors to better diagnose patients’ conditions and provide better treatments, improving their patients’ chances of recovery. READ MORE

A Green Future

TAU researchers have successfully produced "green" hydrogen, a raw material necessary for both agriculture and industry. Their new highly-efficient method avoids the production of carbon dioxide emissions that pollute the environment, making the planet a healthier place. They also hope that a commercial employment of their method will lower the element’s production cost in the fields of industry, agriculture, and energy. READ MORE

High Honors

Congratulations to Professor Tal Dvir, Head of the Center for Nano-Science and Nano-Technology, who won the prestigious 2023 Tabuk da Vinci Award for his achievements and contributions to the field of regenerative medicine. Professor Dvir, whose TAU laboratory created the first 3D-printed heart and 3D-printed spinal cord that may revolutionize organ transplantation, shared the prize with three other recipients, two of whom are Nobel Prize laureates. WATCH A VIDEO about his work or READ MORE about his research

Listen Up ...

On a new episode of TAU Unbound, the University's podcast series, host Ido Aharoni Aronoff talks with Prof. Meir Ariel, Head of the Tel Aviv University New Space Center, about how nanosatellites are transforming the way satellite communications are being used around the world – and the future of the communications industry itself. WATCH HERE on YouTube or LISTEN HERE on Spotify