September 2020

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Google Teams Up with TAU

Google has awarded a competitive grant to TAU for high-impact research employing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combat Coronavirus! The Google grant is part of the company's ongoing effort to contribute to the global battle against the pandemic.

Literacy in Biblical Times

Researchers at TAU have concluded that inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah during the period of 600BC were able to read and write and that literacy was not reserved for the domain of royal scribes. The TAU team used state-of-the-art image processing, examining more than 18 texts, machine learning technologies, and the expertise of a senior handwriting examiner to learn that more than twelve authors were responsible for the writings.

Scientists Find Genes That Can Cause Hearing Loss

A multinational research team led by TAU’s Zippora Brownstein, PhD, and Prof. Karen Avraham from The Sackler Faculty of Medicine have completed breakthrough research and says its findings have immediate implications for genetic counseling for families with hearing loss and for care of children with hearing loss.

Top Ten List

TAU retained its ranking as 8th among the top 10 schools globally for producing successful, VC-backed founders of companies (Pitchbook 2020). TAU remains the only non-U.S. university to make the top 10 list.


The Real Pandemic Behind Covid-19: What's Happening to Our Brain and How It Will Affect Our Future

October 1, 2020, 11:00 a.m. Eastern time

Learn about the social and emotional implications of the stress the pandemic has caused, with Prof. Yaniv Assaf of the Department of Neurobiology at TAU's Sagol School of Neuroscience. Register here for this webinar >