April 14, 2022

Be Part of the Next Big Idea


Bloomberg Philanthropies Partners with Tel Aviv University

Michael Bloomberg, the 108th mayor of New York City, was on campus with Yossi Sagol to launch the new Bloomberg-Sagol Center for City Leadership at Tel Aviv University. Based on Bloomberg Philanthropy's program at Harvard, the new initiative will help mayors of cities across Israel improve services, strengthen social bonds, and deal with difficult challenges and pressing crises. READ MORE


Good Things Come in Small (or Nano Size) Packages

Professor Dan Peer and his team are the first researchers in the world to prove the feasibility of a drug delivery system that utilizes a nanodrug to attack cancer — twice. The RNA technology enhances the effectiveness of chemotherapy and simultaneously reinvigorates the immune system. The precisely targeted nanoparticle will provide two different treatments in different sites. WATCH THE VIDEO or READ MORE


You Are What You Eat

TAU researchers are developing a vaccine based on dietary supplements that might help protect the body against Covid-19 and a range of winter illnesses. The supplements consist of substances found in fruits and vegetables such as cashew, pumpkin, peas and beet root, and are considered safe for human consumption. READ MORE

From Ukraine to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv University was the first university in Israel to establish an emergency scholarship fund for Ukrainian students whose studies were interrupted by the war. To date, TAU has raised over $1 million for the emergency scholarship fund, which was kicked off with a generous challenge donation from Vlad and Sana Shmunis. Other universities followed and established their own funds. Meet two of the recipients, Maiia Levinson and Maryana Sytar, and READ MORE about the fund.


Old Friends Are the Best Friends!

Congratulations to TAU alums and high school pals Roni Bonjack and Nadav Eylath, whose VC firm raised $35 million to invest in startups. READ MORE


We mourn with the TAU community the lives of Eytam Magini and Tomer Morad, TAU students who were murdered in the terrorist attack of April 7th in Tel Aviv. May their memories be a blessing.