August 26, 2022

Be Part of the Next Big Idea


The Sound of Music

A new TAU study shows that music can be used to predict mental deterioration in the aging process. Researchers used a non-invasive process to integrate music with the analysis of electric brain activity. The routine monitoring can show early detection of cognitive decline and help with treatment, preventing rapid, severe deterioration in the future. READ MORE


Testing for PTSD

Saliva may be a determining factor in the diagnosis of soldiers suffering from PTSD. Researchers in Professor Illana Gozes's lab characterized the psychological, social, and medical conditions of veteran soldiers, at the same time collecting saliva samples from them. Findings show a unique presence of bacteria in the saliva of those who had experienced combat stress-related reactions and are suffering with PTSD. READ MORE


Good Things Come in Small Packages

Professor Ronit Satchi-Fainaro and her team have identified and manufactured a small molecule that makes immunotherapy (the treatment of cancer through the activation of the immune system) available to all cancer patients. This discovery could lead to more affordable and effective cancer treatments for patients and is small enough that it may be administered as a pill. READ MORE


Going Green

TAU will go green and switch entirely to sustainable electricity in the next two years. The University is the first in Israel to commission an external, comprehensive, and objective report that assessed campus greenhouse gas emissions. READ MORE



Gili Raanan, TAU alum and founder of Cyberstarts, an Israeli venture capital firm established in 2018, has closed on a new $200m fund for investments in early-stage cybersecurity startups. The fund is the organization's third in five years. READ MORE