October 2021

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Live from ... Space

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, the 4th Jewish woman to travel to space, recently received an Honorary Doctorate from TAU at the annual Board of Governors meeting. Her connection to Israel is exemplified in the items she brought with her to space, including an Israeli flag, menorahs, and socks with the Star of David. Meir, who is also a marine biologist and physiologist, focuses much of her research on climate change. READ MORE


Top Entrepreneurship Ranking

TAU has been ranked fifth in the world in entrepreneurship by Startup Genome, a world-leading innovation policy advisory and research firm, making it the only non-US university in the top 10, after Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Harvard. READ MORE


Feeling the Heat ... or Not

Science explains it — there are biological reasons for fights over the air conditioning. A new study reveals the evolutionary reason why women feel colder than men. According to TAU researchers, there is a built-in evolutionary difference between the heat-sensing systems of the two sexes, which is related, among other things, to the reproduction process and caring for offspring. Bottom line: Females are often colder than males. READ MORE

Improving Mobility and Reducing the Risk of Falls

A new treatment can help senior citizens fall less often. TAU researchers found that non-invasive, gentle brain stimulation in older adults can improve their ability to walk or stand. If done while simultaneously carrying out a cognitive task, it can determine their overall functionality. This is called "dual tasking" and can help improve their quality of life. READ MORE

Big Ideas in Breast Cancer Research

As we close out Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we turn a spotlight on many of TAU's esteemed researchers who are focused on improving our understanding of breast cancer so that it may be better prevented, diagnosed, and treated. READ MORE


Congratulations to TAU alum Asaf Zamir, who officially began his tenure as Israel's consul general in New York this month. READ MORE