January 19, 2024

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Uniform to University

WHEN DUTY CALLED, OUR STUDENTS ANSWERED. More than 6,000 TAU students have been called to serve in the reserves and help secure Israel. We know students are the future leaders, and to help support them in their true calling, the University has launched the Uniform to University Scholarship Fund to provide financial and academic support. READ MORE or DONATE

When It Rains ...

Using comprehensive data for tens of thousands of species of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles, a new study from TAU's George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences and Steinhardt Museum of Natural History has found that most biodiversity is found in rainy regions, although more reptiles are found in warmer regions regardless of rainfall. Studies like this enable scientists to ask broad-scale fundamental questions regarding the ecology and evolution of life on our planet. READ MORE

Upsetting a Delicate Balance

Researchers from TAU's Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences have determined that the number of thunderstorms in the Amazon basin has decreased significantly and the area over which they occur has shrunk. A decrease in the amount of storms leads to a decrease in the amount of rain, which in turn causes further damage to the forests — a vicious cycle that negatively affects oxygen production and carbon dioxide absorption. READ MORE

An Important Smartwatch Advance

A new study from TAU’s Fleischman Faculty of Engineering used smartwatches and a dedicated application to monitor mental and physiological changes in Israeli's post-October 7. The study shows that 23% of adult Jewish Israelis now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the aftermath of the Hamas attack. The study is a promising new path for detecting early indicators of PTSD. READ MORE


TAU at Slamdance

NINA is an ATHLETE, a documentary feature by TAU alum Ravit Markus about Israel's champion of wheelchair badminton and her three-year journey to the Tokyo Paralympics, will be shown at the world-class international indie film festival Slamdance this month! Her film has been selected as one of the few Israeli-themed films at Sundance or Slamdance in 2024, and she will be attending both screenings for a Q&A with the audience. READ MORE


Support the future of Israel's leading academic institution and increase your income with a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) through AFTAU. CGA rates went up January 1, and now is the time to secure reliable income for life. New rates range from 5.7% for 65-year-olds to 10.1% for those aged 90+. For more information, visit or email


October 7: Implications for Israel, the Middle East, and the West

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Brentwood, CA
6:30 pm

Cocktails and a light dinner, featuring Ambassador Ido Aharoni, former Consul General of New York, with special remarks from Gil Leor, a student reservist sharing his story from the front lines. REGISTER HERE