June 2021

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Bacteria Wars ... Good vs. Bad

The battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria is close to being won. Researchers at TAU have discovered a process by which a "good" virus selectively destroys the DNA of "bad" bacteria, thereby stopping its reproduction. READ MORE

As Good as Gold

An artificial gold nanoparticle that can improve cancer treatments has been developed by researchers at TAU. The new nanotechnology serves as a basis for innovative medical approaches to diagnosing and delivering light-activated drug therapies for cancer patients without using toxic substances. READ MORE

Animal Survival Race

Could the smaller animal win the race against extinction? A new study found gaps and incompatibilities between mammals and amphibians in the relation between body size and extinction risk: Whereas large mammals bear a smaller number of offspring per birth, leading to higher risk of extinction, larger amphibian females lay more eggs, reducing the threat to the species. READ MORE

Diversity and Tolerance

Tel Aviv University exemplifies a microcosm of the diverse human tapestry that comprises Israeli society. Jewish students and faculty learn and work alongside Arab counterparts, students from central Israel come together with those from outlying communities, and immigrants rub shoulders with Israeli-born Sabras. The University is committed to inclusion and learning with unique programs, impressive stats and are leaders in ensuring diversity. For all the facts, READ MORE



Tel Aviv University, UAE to Set Up Joint Initiative for Water Research

Aiming to foster peace, build common future around tech, parties seek to address age-old regional challenge of water scarcity READ MORE


Congrats to, co-founded by TAU alum Eran Zinman, which started trading on Nasdaq last Thursday and set a new Israeli record by being valued at $6.8 billion. READ MORE


Cyber Week

July 19–22, 2021

Bringing together the cyber ecosystem in person on campus, watch the live broadcasts from the comfort of your home. Register for this event

TAU Talks

Thursday, August 12, 2021, 12:00 noon EST

Shai Terem, President & CEO of Markforged, in conversation with Aaron Tartakovsky. Register for this event

Save the Date

Thursday, October 7, 2021, 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST

TAU's Virtual Gala, honoring Dr. Anita Friedman with the Visionary Leadership Award and Maya Kadar Kovalsky, Nadav Kadar, and Dr. Einat Kadar Kricheli with the Changemaker Award.