April 12, 2024

Tel Aviv University Newsletter


Repurposing Drugs to Stop Bone Metastasis

More than 75% of patients with metastatic breast cancer suffer from bone metastasis. A new study from Professor Neta Erez's lab shows the promise of hindering and preventing the metastasis for breast cancer patients. By combining two existing drugs, the team was able to develop a new treatment course based on existing medications. READ MORE

Global Warming and Lizards

Global warming, deforestation, and climate change are bad news for the animal kingdom, especially those animals known to climb trees like lizards. A joint study from the TAU School of Zoology shows the importance of trees for preserving animal populations. The research team provided practical tools for decision makers in order to build more effective programs for conservation. READ MORE

Heart Disease Updates

Researchers from TAU's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences have shown for the first time ever a link between heart disease and cancer. The study reveals that extracellular bubbles released from a sick heart can promote the growth of cancer. This important discovery may improve the way heart disease is treated. READ MORE

A Helping Hand

TAU's School of Medicine has made admission exceptions for some European students because of the conflict in Gaza. Many Israeli students studying medicine in Europe returned to Israel in the wake of the October 7 attack, either to serve in the war or to mourn a family member killed on October 7. As a result, they lost their spot in their European medical studies for the year. READ MORE


TAU electrical engineering alums Omri Geller and Ronen Dar met when they were studying for their doctorates in electrical engineering under Professor Meir Feder, the head of TAU's AI and Data Science Center. They had both "fallen in love" with the potential of AI, which was part of their research. Now they are under the spotlight as the founders of AI infrastructure orchestration and management company Run:ai, which is in advanced talks to be acquired by the leading US chip manufacturer Nvidia. READ MORE in the March 18 issue of Globes


Calling High School Students in 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades

July 14–18, 2024
Tel Aviv University

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to spend a week at Tel Aviv University for Summertech, a special program where students can learn about AI, space, entrepreneurship, and so much more with TAU alumni and leaders. Enjoy five days of interesting programs, workshops, and special experiences. TO REGISTER AND READ MORE


The future of Israel is with students like Aviv, a Political Science and Communications student at TAU who also works for an Israeli startup that promotes the country abroad. Aviv was in New York City on October 7th and immediately flew back to Israel to serve in the Air Force. Please join us in supporting Aviv and the more than 6,600 TAU students who served or are currently serving in the reserves. Donate to the Uniform to University Scholarship Campaign to provide financial and academic support to student reservists. MEET AVIV and DONATE NOW