June 17, 2022

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One Shot Treatment

In a global breakthrough, TAU researchers in Dr. Adi Barzel's lab have engineered type-B blood cells outside the body to develop antibodies against the HIV virus that causes AIDS. The researchers say they have created the first medication that can evolve in the body and defeat viruses in the "arms race" against HIV, enabling treatment for HIV with a single injection. READ MORE


Olive Tree Origins

Olive trees were brought to the Jordan Valley 7,000 years ago, making them the first domesticated fruit trees. According to a joint study by researchers from TAU and the Hebrew University, the trees were planted intentionally. READ MORE


Making an Impact

A wide-ranging, personal interview with Professor Ariel Porat looks to the past, the present, and the future of the university. "I enjoy research very much, but it was important for me to try to make an impact in the world," he says. READ MORE



Congratulations to TAU alum Sam Zussman for being named Chief Executive Officer at BSE Global, the parent company of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets and its home arena Barclays Center, as well as the Long Island Nets of the NBA G League and NetsGC of the NBA 2K League. Zussman earned both his BA and his JD degrees from TAU and an MBA from Stanford University. READ MORE


Israel and the Middle East in a Changing World, with Professor Uzi Rabi

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
12 noon–1:00 p.m. Eastern time

A timely briefing which will provide expert insight into how Israel is affected by global events. REGISTER HERE

Cyber Week 2022

June 27–30, 2022

Learn, listen, and be amazed by the experts. Cyber Week is a leading international cybersecurity event that provides the unique opportunity for experts from all over the world to share their knowledge on the challenges and opportunities in the field. View the schedule of free online events and REGISTER HERE.