May 26, 2023

Be Part of the Next Big Idea


Red Sea Coral Reefs in Danger

The entire population of black sea urchins living on coral reefs off the southern city of Eilat has been wiped out in weeks by a suspected parasite. Dr. Omri Bronstein from TAU's School of Zoology says this could cause irreversible reef damage because the reefs face suffocation by algae. The sea urchins were previously the dominant urchin species in Eilat's coral reefs. READ MORE


Improving Crops and Revolutionizing Agriculture

For the first time ever, researchers at TAU have succeeded in developing a new genetic modification method to duplicate genes in plants which will improve properties and resistance to drought and pests. The development will revolutionize the way agricultural crops are improved. READ MORE


A Billion Thanks

The Board of Governors meeting marked the end of Tel Aviv University's successful $1 billion global campaign. Thanks to your support, TAU is a global center of excellence where pioneering research happens on a daily basis. To watch highlights from the BOG, check out the honorary doctorate ceremony or the Dan David Prize award ceremony.


Great Achievement and Accolades

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Yosef Shiloh from the Faculty of Medicine, the 43rd Israeli researcher elected to the prestigious US National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The Academy includes approximately 2,500 American scientists from all fields of science and another approximately 500 foreign scientists from all over the world. Professor Shiloh is a professor in the Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry. READ MORE about his work.


Google This!

TAU and Google are continuing their groundbreaking partnership by launching a new program for the promotion of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science research through a Center for AI and Data Science at TAU (TAD). The new three-year program is focused mainly on AI research for sustainability and education. It will receive financial support in the amount of $1 million from Google. READ MORE



Unveiling the Secret Life of Plants with the Help of Bats

Listen to the newest episode of TAU Unbound, the University's podcast series. Host Ido Aharoni Aronoff talks with Professor Lilach Hadany of the School of Plant Sciences and Professor Yossi Yovel, Head of the Sagol School for Neuroscience, about the secret life of plants – and their surprising similarities to bats! Their work on bioacoustics, proving that plants can hear and produce sound, has won international acclaim. WATCH HERE on YouTube or LISTEN HERE on Spotify.